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2013 Washington D.C. SERVE

Serve is about joining with God in the renewal of all things. Every year, all across North America, hundreds of students and youth workers feel the call to say, “Here I am Lord, send me.” Serve exists to bring heaven to earth (“Thy Kingdom come.”) by pairing these student and leader workforce with churches and communities from all over North America, to go out and serve, care for and assist these communities. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, a new age of redemption and reconciliation has dawned. Every Year, the impact is amazing and transformation is the outcome for all of the communities, congregations and students involved.


Pease CRC has been sending kids on SERVE projects for 11 years. The kids will tell you what an amazing experience it was. You should ask them!


Last year, Pease CRC SERVED in Washington, D.C. It was a great experience as 11 or us spent time with the homeless and other non-profit organizations. It gave us a great perspective on our health, wealth and community. Helping local organizations in the D.C. area opened our eyes as to what we can do when we trust God and ask Him to be apart of the common good of "helping our neighbor".