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Sunday Worship: 9:30AM  Radio Broadcast on: WQPM 1300 AM------WQPM 107.5 FM

Weekly Sermons

Saying Farewell Well

This morning Pastor Michael preaches on Paul's Farewell to the Ephesian leaders from Acts 20:13-38, as we commission our 2020 Guatemala Action Project (GAP) Team.

"How Should We Talk About it All?" 2.9

This morning, Pastor MIchael concludes his series on Faith, Sexuality, and Gender by addressing the question "How Should We Talk About it All?"

What Does This Mean for Our Families? 2/2/2020

Pastor Michael gave his firth sermon in his series "Faith, Sexuality, and Gender." Today we look at the question, "What does this mean for our families?" Next week we will focus on how we talk about it all.

What Does This Mean for our Genders? 1/26/2020

This is the fourth sermon in Pastor Michael's series on Faith, Sexuality, and Gender. Today he focuses of 'What Does This Mean for our Genders?'

What Does This Mean For Our Sexuality? 1.19

This week Pastor Michael continued his six part series on Faith, Gender, and Sexuality. This sermon was his third in the series as we look to the Bible concerning same-sex relationships. 

What Went Wrong, and What Does That Mean? 1/12

This week Pastor Michael preached the second part of his sermon series on "Faith, Sexuality, and Gender" as we address the question "What Went Wrong?"

Who Made Us and Why? 1.5

This is Pastor Michael's first sermon in a six week series on Christianity, sexuality, and gender.