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Sunday Worship: 9:30AM  Radio Broadcast on: WQPM 1300 AM------WQPM 107.5 FM


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Brothers and sisters in Christ,

This morning in my devotions, I was given this timely message:  “You don’t have to worry about whether your world is under control.  God rules.  You just have to learn to trust him when his rule isn’t evident.” 

The situation concerning the spread of coronavirus is changing rapidly and people and institutions are responding in a variety of ways.  In light of the fast-moving and fluctuating circumstances surrounding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and in consultation with the Administrative Team, Pease CRC has determined the following:


1.      We desire to respond with neither with naivety nor panic.  We do not wish to underreact nor do we wish to overreact.  

2.      Pease Christian Reformed Church WILL plan to gather for worship, Sunday School, and all other church-related activities as scheduled on Sunday morning.  However, if you or anyone in your immediate household is not feeling well, please stay home.  Also, if you are considered at risk either because of a known health condition or because you are elderly or have very young children, you are strongly encouraged to use your own discretion and good judgment as to whether or not you should attend worship. 

3.      Our nursery staff is taking additional cleaning and sanitation measures.  However, if you have children and do choose to attend worship, you are not obligated to have them use the nursery if you are concerned about them being exposed to other children. 

4.      If you choose to attend worship, please refrain from shaking hands or physically contacting other people. You are also encouraged to wash your hands regularly.  Hand sanitizer is available in the narthex and all bathrooms are supplied with hand soap (and toilet paper!!).

5.      The service will be broadcast on the radio (WQPM 1300AM or 107.5FM) and it will be also be streamed live on our Facebook page:  for those who cannot or choose not to attend worship in person.

6.      Please be in prayer for:

a.      Wisdom and discernment for those in positions of authority at all levels who have to make difficult decisions about what to do or not do.

b.      Those in the health and medical fields who are caring for the sick.

c.      The church to remember that God is in control.

You can educate yourself more on the coronavirus by going here or here.              

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office.  Thank you for your prayers and remember that God is sovereign and Jesus is on the throne!

I’ll leave you with the words of Jesus to his disciples, “In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  -- John 16:33


In Service to the King,

Pastor Michael