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Senior High

Pease CRC Youth Group - Reaching & Teaching to Redeem & Restore

REC - 2 Corinthians 5:17-20 A Ministry of Reconciliation


High School Youth Group REC is for 9th - 12th graders. We have an active, busy group that loves to serve! They are a vital volunteer force in our church and in the community. REC meets on Wednesday evenings at church and participates in SERVE trips every summer. Last summer we served in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 


REC gets together for many events throughout the year. Once a year, we get to partner with our GAP team to make apple pies for their fundraising efforts. Every two months or so we partner with another local area youth group to make snack bags. These bags get distrubuted, on Friday afternoons by the school social workers, to children on the free and reduced lunch program. This provides those students with healthy food for the weekend. We also have Sunday Night Movie Nights. Once a month we get together and watch a movie together as a group. Meals are provided by parents and other congregation members for all students on those sunday nights. 


REC meets every Wednesday in the fireside room at 7:45 until 8:45. Hangout time is after the meeting.


Please Come As You Are!


Youth Ministry's goal is to help each student discover their purpose in life and prepare them for life ahead, a life submerged in a relationship with Christ, on a daily basis. We strive to inspire and build confidence and leadership skills, which in turn, helps prepare them for college and/or whatever God has in store for them.



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