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Sunday Worship: 9:30AM / Livestream on YouTube

Children's Church

At Pease CRC, family worship is very important to us. We strive to make worship “child-friendly”, as evidenced by the songs we sing and their inclusion in the children's sermon. After that, children aged 3 through 5nd grade are excused to continue in worship at their own developmental level.


>Three and four year olds attend “Little Lambs”, where they begin with an action song, hear a Bible story, and then are given the choice of a simple craft or appropriate play interaction. Prayer time around the Christ candle (symbolizing Christ's light within and around us) ends their worship experience. They are then excused, individually, to their parents.


>The "Worship Center"  is for kids ages five through first grade. This program has its own liturgy and the room models a sanctuary. Children are encouraged to walk more slowly and speak softly as they enter and take their places in a semi-circle on the floor. The Order of Worship has four components:

          1. WE APPROACH GOD with a greeting and songs of praise. (All songs are also signed.)

2. WE PROCLAIM GOD'S WORD with a Bible story told with the help of figures, buildings and other manipulatives. This is followed by a wondering question and a response time when the children can work with other stories, art, puzzles, etc. There is never an organized craft and sometimes (always on Communion and Baptism Sundays) a simple feast.

3. WE GIVE THANKS TO GOD. The Christ candle is presented and lit. Scripture is read relating to the story of the day, followed by meaningful prayer time. The Christ candle is then extinguished.

4. WE GO IN GOD'S NAME. “Go Now In Peace” is sung and signed. After a brief individual word and blessing from the leader, each child is excused to their parents.


>Grades 2-5 are separated into two classrooms, where they continue to hear the gospel message and learn more about their faith at an age-appropriate level, using the "Gospel Story" curriculum.